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First Day at Thunderbird Resorts Was a Blast

I am about to sleep now... well up to here I am sleeping the same time at home... can't help it. I kinda missed most of the day tour today at Thunderbird Resorts Rizal because I am not feeling well earlier. Luckily Ma'am Nica called up and told me that I can still come so I decided to catch up later in the day and go there together with fellow blogger Dan Covar.

I took some shots of the room and all I can say is this place was really awesome. The room is elegant and the things you need are all here from comfort to entertainment to usual things and amenities at home. There is even coffee and fruit available at the room.

The food during dinner was great specially the "Kinilaw" which is my personal favorite and which I will be blogging later separately. We also have some taste of the wines available including Bloody Mary and Zombie. I do commend the manager of the Fiesta Casino Bar because he is really very conversant and knowledgeable about liquor.

Thunderbird Resorts is situated in Binangonan and the pool area has an overlooking look of the busy Metro Manila metropolis. I love thee view really and the room.

It wa also fun to met fellow bloggers here and I hope that I will really get to know them later today. It is sad though that some will be leaving ahead of time because of their work.

So until here and you will here more from me about Thunderbird Resorts. So here are some more shots of the room we are staying in.

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