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Ever wondered why it's called SULIT? Find out why...

I have known Sulit.com.ph for quite a long time now. Since it's inception I was browsing the website and looking for offers although I am not a registered member back then. I remember my first reaction when a friend of mine introduced me to Sulit.com.ph... "Wow! Finally!" I thought it would take forever to have a local website where you can post your items for sale and also look for items that you need. It was the dream of a local buy and sell site fulfilled.

Why was it called Sulit anyway? Was it just made up because of online marketing strategy?

Well my experience tells me it lives to its name. Sulit lives to its name, take for example when I first decided to become a Cosplayer. Those who do not know about Sulit will go to Comic Alley and buy the needed cosplay materials there, actually that is my first choice. However, when I searched Sulit I found out that there are cosplayers who sells their products here and are at a very affordable price.

Cosplaying during Cosplay Mania X.  I am the one playing Kakuzu and all of our cloak came from a purchase from an advertisement at Sulit.com.ph.  We saved a lot.

I cosplayed as Kakuzu of the Akatsuki in Naruto Shippuden and I bought my cloak from Sulit.com.ph. It was only priced at P750.00 and that includes the cloak and the forehead protector. The result our entire group of Akatsuki, 11 of us decided to buy the items from "yoyomaster" here in Sulit. That's not all, I need a green cosplay lens and then guess where I found it? Sulit.com.ph.

If you think my story ends there then you are wrong because Sulit is not just about us buying and selling items. Sulit had always been there in many occasions like for example when we conducted the OneWebDay event on September 2009, Sulit had been very eager to help the event and they had been its top promoter and supporter. You do not need to explain to them so much because if it's worthwhile Sulit will be there to support a Sulitizen always and forever and it will never fail them.

I am proud to be a Sulitizen. Sulit had been my first stop... ALWAYS... when I am selling an item or advertising my business or work. Why? Because IT'S SULIT... Do I need to explain more...

I know there are thousand of us, if not millions who love Sulit.com.ph and I know there are others that will try to imitate them but I would stay with the site that devirginizes my enthusiasm for online buying and selling.

So why is it called Sulit? I have shared my experience and am sure you also have yours.

Thanks for reading!

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