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Receive FREE unlimited Facebook notifications on ANY phone

Globe Telecom is seeking a way to convert the huge following of the largest social networking media, Facebook into a steady follower and subscriber of Globe, that is why they are offering FREE unlimited Facebook notifications on ANY phone. You just need to subscribe to the Facebook Mobile. You can also post an update or reply to a comment, wall post, message, etc for only 1 peso.

Register now to start using Facebook Mobile! Just follow these easy steps:

  1. Text F to 2933 for FREE.
  2. You will receive a SMS with a confirmation code.
  3. Save the code then log onto your Facebook account on the web at www.facebook.com.
  4. Click on Account
  5. Click on Account Settings
  6. Click on Mobile
  7. Click on "Already receive a mobile confirmation code?"
  8. Enter your confirmation code in the text box then click on Confirm.

There, you're all set! You can now start using Facebook on your mobile phone!

Receiving Facebook notifications is FREE.

  • Outgoing messages such as status updates, comments, messages, and pokes cost P1.00 each. Text to 2933.
  • You may also get a daily subscription of 10 outgoing messages for only P5.00 per day. Text ON FB to 2933. You will be charged P1.00 after you exceeded 10 outgoing messages.

Promo 'til October 9, 2010. Per DTINCR #3087. Series of 2010.

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