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Product Review: Oracare Mouthrinse

This is the first time that I have used Oracare Mouthrinse and I would say that when I first use it I was not used to the taste. I previously used other brands which have that strong stinging sensation and cool feeling to the mouth but this one is plain and not that cool.

I even commented that the taste was really awful and its like drinking from the toiler bowl but then again I realized that it was not bad after all. The effects and freshness of Oracare Mouthrinse lasts longer than other brands I have already tried. Later on, I realized that the first impact of the taste on me was just an over reaction and actually it has very negligible taste.

Thanks to the Oracare Facebook contest, "Oracare Dare" because if not for them, I would not have tried using this great mouthrinse.

For reference on the rating and review CLICK HERE.

a. Packaging: 9. I admire the packaging of this product. It comes with a measuring cup which makes this even ideal for travel and you do not need a separate glass to use it.

b. Product Cost: 10. Oracare Mouthrinse is a lot cheaper compared to other brands. On other brands you pay for the brand name and not the actual quality.

c. Uniqueness: 10. Oracare Mouthrinse is odorless and colorless. It's just like gargling with tap water. Most of the other products have vibrant colors and distinctive taste and coolness which for me hides the real value of a mouthwash.

d. Popularity: 5. Oracare is not very popular yet here in the Philippines because other brands had proven "advertising" quality to the consumers.

e. Brand positioning: 7. I think this brand has a good chance to really get share of the market. Most specially now that they are having contests in their Facebook page. It would be great if a lot of people could try it and if they would ship the Oracare freebies to winners nationwide.

f. Usability: 10. Very usable and very effective.

g. Effectiveness: 9. It will surely remove that bad odor and protect your mouth from getting a bad odor too.

h. Product Access: 9. You can buy Oracare at any leading drug stores nationwide.

i. Advertising: N/A. well, I have not seen any Oracare ads so I would rather leave this blank.

TOTAL RATING: 69/80 or 8.625

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  1. I wonder this thing does actually contain alcohol. Have you read anything in the label as 'tol'? Does it contain sugar too?