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Asus WiCast Kit Does Wireless 1080p from Laptop to TV

Tired of setting up a projector?  Does the line of sight been a problem in presentations?  Do you have a laptop and a large TV screen?  If you are tired of the first two questions and you have the requirements on the last question then why not try the ASUS WiCast.

The ASUS WiCast allows you to beam whatever is on your laptop or PC screen to a nearby large LCD screen at 1080p.  The WiCast is not a heavy burden on your pocket unlike previous options that cost around $599 and the lowest is around $240.  Worst is that they beam less than HD graphics.

With the ASUS WiCast you can beam 1080p graphics in full HD with 3Gbps for just $199 (MSRP).  The WiCast uses Wireless Home Digital Interface (WHDI) to transmit wireless high definition video and audio signals from a notebook or laptop to a display TV or an LCD monitor.

The ASUS Wicast is also USB powered which makes it very portable plus it supports latency free transmission at less than 1ms allowing smooth delivery of HD content.  Also, the broadcast range is about 33 feet and is not affected by the direction of the broadcast beam.

ASUS WiCast is virtually invisible when used in a meeting room or a conference. It is about 4" long including transmitter and receiver which makes it unnoticed. The WiCast weight a mere 0.242lbs for the transmitter and 0.352lbs for the receiver.

Here is a video presentation of the ASUS WiCast...

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