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Win 500 Load from Jobopenings.ph; You too can win!

Win 500 Load from Jobopenings.ph; You too can win! - Today I just received a message from Jobopenings.ph FB page that I won P500 worth of load from their "Suggest to "Friends" contest in Facebook. I was so happy because this would really be a great help. Little did I know however, that I would also be the subject of a controversy there.

The simple announcement of me winning the contest posted there earned more than 30 comments. The comments varied, however some question the fact that I win, which is very usual. The thing that I was surprise it the fact that this is just 500pesos worth of load, very minimal compared to other prizes.

A certain Cammille Piano (dunno if there is a Piano surname in the Philippines) even accuses me of being a scam or a friend of the admin, "Piano every week nalang my issue ung mechanics nio. aNo b yan? di nga Kayo scam, scam ang winners kakilala nio cguro. hayyy! swerte nun kakapasa Lang, winner agad!" (Every week there is an issue with your mechanics. You are not scam but the winners are scam, maybe you know the winners closely. He is lucky because he just submitted his entry)

It's sad that people comment like this but that is the way contests are. Winners are always driven to the contention and prizes are competed for even after a winner is declared. I just hope that it is indeed worth it.

For those who also want to win P500 worth of load and join other Jobopenings.ph contest and promos just visit their Facebook page and CLICK LIKE and if you win just ignore those who can't appreciate it.

Thanks Jobopenings.ph!

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