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UnisilverTIME Gives FREE WATCH this August

UnisilverTIME will continue its free watch giveaway this August. All you need to do is sign up at UnisilverTIME.com and then invite 20 of your friends to sign up. To get the free watch you have to have 20 successful friend referrals.

Everyone who had a UnisilverTIME.com account can join except for employees of Unisilver Time.

So what will you do to get these free watches which are cool and well sporty? Here are the steps:

  1. Simply login to your UnisilverTIME.com account. Register first if not yet a member.
  2. Click on "My Referrals" and begin entering all your friends' and loved ones' email addresses. An invitation link is sent to the email address you provide.
  3. Your invited friend should accept your invitation by clicking on the invitation link contained in the email message AND, AFTER ACCEPTING THE INVITATION, YOUR INVITED FRIEND SHOULD CONTINUE ON WITH THE REGISTRATION for it to be counted as SUCCESSFUL REFERRAL. And for every successful referral 50 points are added to your account.
  4. We will be keeping track of those who have successfully registered through your referrals, and if you have referred 20 members who have completed the registration within July 1-31, 2010, you are entitled to have a FREE watch, KW479.
  5. This referral promo is also governed by UnisilverTIME Terms and Conditions.

Every referral as indicated above will also give you FREE 50 points which you can use to bid for various Unisilver.com watches and get them for a lower price.

If you qualified for the free watch, you will get a call from UnisilverTIME.com for instruction and also receive an email notification on how and where to claim your free watch.

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