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Job Vacancy - Faith-based Campaigner / Project Staff

The Faith-based Congress Against Immoral Debts (FCAID) is a network born on October 15, 2007 during the Sabbath Year, the seventh year after the Jubilee Year in 2000. It is a network working on the understanding of the debt issue and doing action against the immorality of debt. It is a joint project between the Freedom from Debt Coalition (FDC) and its faith-based member organizations.

Since its conception, it has been implementing a comprehensive debt campaign known as the Philippine Sabbath Year Campaign. The general thrusts of the campaign were to:

1. Build a strong network of faith-based constituents;
2. Promote and popularize the moral dimension of the debt issue;
3. Push for concrete policy reforms on the debt problem.

To achieve these, FCAID focused on the education, organization and mobilization of different faith-based groups through the conduct of education sessions and trainings and contribution in the legislative efforts (i.e., lobbying and participation in mobilizations) . In the first three years, FCAID was able to define its positions into three declarations:


These were also used as basis for the network’s course of action.

Current Campaign

After three years of engagement on the debt issue, the network realized that there are still so much things to be done if we are to envision the full and active participation of the faith-based community. Hence, FCAID designed a campaign to respond to the challenges. For the next phase (2010-2013), FCAID will be implementing a new campaign entitled, “Walking with the Poor: The Faith-based Sector as a Voice of the Voiceless for the Country’s Liberation from Immoral Debts”. It is entitled as such to be clear about what FCAID truly wants to achieve in the next years to come based on its vision of a “debt-burden free society”.

All the aspects of FCAID’s work (education, organization and mobilization) will be intensified. FCAID realized the significance of patiently planting the seeds of knowledge within the faith-based communities to fuel their active participation and therefore, make their voices a formidable one on the issue of the immorality of debt in relation to poverty as well as ecology (a very timely issue).


To fulfill the tasks at hand, FCAID is in need of an additional staff who will largely contribute in the implementation of the campaign. The network prefers a staff who has the following (or anything equivalent to these) background and skills:

  • at least 1-2 years experience in faith-based/ church organizing;
  • knowledge and familiarity with the internal structures and processes of the Catholic Church and/or other faith-based groups (e.g. Evangelicals, Protestants, etc.);
  • training and development skills (from module-making and presentation to facilitation and even evaluation);
  • advocacy project management including important administrative work such as writing progress reports and project proposals, monitoring and evaluation of the project etc.;
  • ability to network with various faith-based groups, civil society organizations and individuals who can help in the campaign;
  • ability to write press releases, statements and pop-ed materials;

The network also needs individuals who are very creative, positive, patient and determined in getting the work done no matter how challenging it is. Since the campaign will run for three years (the post is project-based), the network prefers those who are willing to stay, in a full-time basis, for the entire duration of the campaign.

For those interested, please email your letter of intent and complete resume to fcaid@yahoo. com / [email protected]. Please address your letter to the Coordinating Committee (CC) of FCAID and attention the letter to yours truly (see details below). Deadline of submission is on August 20, 2010.

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