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FREE TNF Shifty Messenger Bag worth 3,990 Pesos!

Do you want to own a cool messenger bag from R.O.X. Philippines? You are in luck because they are giving away a FREE TNF Shifty Messenger Bag worth 3,990 Pesos. Go to the ROX Philippines FB page and like them and then share it to your friends. Hurry because you only have until August 9, 2010.


Please take time to read and comprehend the mechanics. Thank you!

1. You must be both a contact of Rox Phils ([email protected]) and a member of R.O.X. Philippines Fan Page to be able to participate.

2. Invite all your friends to join the R.O.X. Philippines fan page. To do this, go to the R.O.X. Philippines main page, click on Suggest Friends tab found on the upper left portion of our page. Click on your friends and send the suggestions.

3. Upload a Print Screen shot on the ROX Philippines fan page showing the number of your friends who like R.O.X. Philippines.
To get this :
Log on to Facebook. Go to the R.O.X. Philippines Fan page. Check the lower left part of the page. You should be able to see this box :

Please refer to sample screenshot below.

Of course, we cannot control those who have already invited their contacts prior to this announcement. This was launched primarily to reward those who have tremendously helped spread our community in Facebook.

4. Top three contestants with the most number of common friends who likes R.O.X Philippines by August 6 – 6:00 P.M wins. Your print screen shot must be uploaded at the R.O.X. Philippines fan page on or before the indicated deadline.

5. We will verify your entry by going to your page. To be considered a valid entry, the number in your print screen shot should be equal or more than the number of common friends we have. Basis for winning will be the figure on the print screen shot.

6. In case of a tie, we will award the prize to the person who posted ahead of the other one.

7. Declaration of winners will be on August 9 before 5:00 P.M. This is to give us ample time to recheck the entries. We will message the winners via their FB account.

To reiterate, winner must be both a contact of Rox Phils ([email protected]) and a fan of R.O.X. Philippines. We do not wish to intrude in your privacy. You can control the data you share by changing the settings of your profile and putting your contacts in a list.

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