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Beware of Facebook Likes Syndicate and Techniques

There are tons of contests being held on Facebook. These contests offers lots of prizes like iPad, iPhone and more. The most common type of contests is wherein you will win if you have the MOST NUMBER OF LIKES in your entry to that contest. Seems easy but for an honest person it would be extremely hard to win.

This type of contests are already dominated by the experts and the contest addicts who have discovered how to cheat on these type of contests. The most common way is to use dummy accounts to like your own posts. Most experts already have as small as 200 dummy accounts to those who have more than a thousand dummy accounts.

You will try in vain to win... invite your friends to like and then you will find yourself on top. Then all of a sudden just a few hours before the contest ends or even just a few minutes you lose. Why? Simply because an entry with a minimum number of like suddenly overtakes you in just a matter of time.

Besides dummy accounts there are those who use LIKE ME and I WILL LIKE YOU. This seems to be a mutual way of doing things but it is just like cooking yourself in your own pot of oil. It will be ok if that is a known friend but for a stranger that is odd since both of you wants to win.

Another technique is a group of persons actually combines to form the team for the like contest. This is not illegal and is better than actually using a dummy account. These group helps the entry to get the most number of likes. It is a legitimate way of winning and I find nothing wrong with that.

There are also those who will propose to you that they will help you and they will use their dummy accounts and like you. Well do not trust them for all you know in the end they will unlike your entry and you will lose.

Though I do not advise people to bet their luck on a LIKE contest, it is your choice in the end. My advise goes to companies who use this method of contest in Facebook. For me it is counterproductive and the company only give out prizes to a few individuals. Instead of using LIKE contests why not base it on certain criteria and less susceptible mechanics.

Now you know... now you understand.

Thanks to all my FB friends who contributed information to this article.

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  1. that's true! dummy accounts are legal in the "LIKE" contest and its unfair to those who don't have multiple accounts.

  2. Actually they are not legal in the like contest nakakalusot lang talaga sila. I hope that contests like this will be replaced by contests which offers fair competition.

  3. sis there is one fanpage in facebook that are buying votes for 200 pesos u will have 500 votes in an instance