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2010 Youth Leaders Forum (YLF) Applications Now Open

Mines Action Canada is pleased to announce the call for applications for the 2010 Youth Leaders Forum (YLF). The Youth Leaders Forum will be held in Vientiane, Laos PDR from November 8-12th in conjunction with the First Meeting of States Parties to the Convention Cluster Munitions. The theme for this year’s forum is “Take the Next Step to Ban Cluster Bombs!” in light of the First Meeting of States Parties to the CCM and the window of opportunity for accessions.

The YLF is a forum open to all youth campaigners - both our seasoned youth activists and those who are new to the issue.

The YLF generally focuses on skills building sessions and real-time practice opportunities for topics such as lobbying and advocacy strategies; fundraising and grant management; media relations; volunteer management and much more! Wherever possible, the YLF is structured using a participatory peer-to-peer learning model and real-time practice opportunities. In addition to skills and practice, we will also be looking at how to take next steps on the two-year Youth Action Plan, developed at the Cartagena Summit for a mine-free world in Colombia last year, aimed at advancing the goals of the International Campaign to Ban Landmines and Cluster Munition Coalition globally as well as those of national campaigns.

To plan for this year's YLF, we are asking for help with two things:
  1. If you are a youth activist or campaign partner who works with youth - we need input from you to help shape the agenda so that we can develop a program that best serves the needs of the campaign. To give your input, please click here: http://spreadsheets.google.com/viewform?formkey=dDcwNWhNVDlvWFFmd3dvYkthMkRtNFE6MA.
  2. If you are a youth activist or a campaign partner who works with youth that would benefit from attending this year's YLF, we need you to apply or circulate the call for applications to your network.

YLF Delegates must:

  • be 18 – 30 years old as of November 13, 2010;
  • have a working ability in English;
  • be connected to an organization active in the International Campaign to Ban Landmines and / or Cluster Munition Coalition; and
  • expect to have the experience of a lifetime!

Click here to submit your application: https://spreadsheets.google.com/viewform?formkey=dEc2UXJXSzlydVVqRkZ6YmdMczRIa2c6MA.

Some of you have reported difficulties with the link to the Youth Leaders Forum needs assessment and application form. Please try clicking on these new links below:

  1. YLF Needs Assessment: http://spreadsheets.google.com/viewform?formkey=dDcwNWhNVDlvWFFmd3dvYkthMkRtNFE6MA
  2. YLF Application Form: https://spreadsheets.google.com/viewform?hl=en&formkey=dEc2UXJXSzlydVVqRkZ6YmdMczRIa2c6MA#gid=0

All applications must be received by August 31st, 2010. Have questions? Please contact [email protected].

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