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PC and Television Revolution Begins with RedFox eVolve

Weeks ago it was on the news that personal computer will definitely compete with television sets and eventually become the new generation TV. True to that fact RedFox comes with it's first all-in-one PC, the RedFox eVolve. It's slim... it's neat... it's a PC... it's a television! Yes, folks you read that right... IT'S A TELEVISION!

The RedFox eVolve is the first PC I saw which really combines the power of a personal computer and television without the need to buy any TV adapter card. Now, you can watch your favorite shows at the convenience of your computer. It also comes with a remote control which you can use to switch on from PC to TV. Wow! This makes me want to run and by one already.

The high performance configuration of the RedFox eVolve will surely match different computer activity requirements. Also, by just looking at it you will know that it is one great space-saving desktop unit. You can place the RedFox eVolve anywhere you want it to even in the bathroom if you are that creative.

Who would not want to have this kind of computer? Tell me if you are not interested to own a computer which will really be a total entertainment computer? I am sure that everyone would be excited to own RedFox eVolve and explore the many possibilities of this innovative desktop unit.

The eVolve also comes in dual core, quad core, and six-core configurations. At first you will think that it is not upgradeable but on the contrary it is. You can upgrade it and tweak it to suit your desktop needs.

The RedFox eVolve also comes with a built-in Wi-Fi, so you could even take it wherever you like and hook it up to that wireless internet connection.

The features does not end there. The RedFox evolve also contains basic accessories like a PCI expansion card slot, USB ports, a VGA interface, Ethernet, 3 common audio ports, built-in DVD super drive, multi-card reader, and analog audio video input and output, including a cable source for the TV.

If that is not one hyper desktop unite I would definitely ask you why. The RedFox eVolve is really a desirable desktop unit. A unit which you can place on your room and invite your friends either to play games or to watch TV. I am sure their first reaction would be... "What is that?"

Another great innovation from RedFox!

Before I end this post I would also like to commend RedFox and tell everyone that RedFox are one of the few companies which recognizes people empowerment and help in providing affordable computer units to those who are in need.

Their project and product called "I-Citizen Computer Systems - the Computer For ALL," is worth mentioning and congratulating. Through this effort RedFox enables the value of technology to people empowerment. These iCitizen computers are designed to match the purchasing power of every citizen.

Here are some of the features of iCitizen, desktop and laptops which are geared towards RedFox corporate social responsibility. It is an innovation and commitment that I just noticed now while browsing their website.

  • I-Citizen notebook incorporates the basic personal and office necessities in a low-cost mobile device
  • I-Citizen PC system comes in two (2) models, one for basic PC usage like internet and office applications, while the other makes use of faster graphics card and higher video capacity for gaming usage
  • Includes a mini tower chassis which is much lighter and gives more space
  • Consumes less energy while sustaining the same excellent display quality through a 17'' wide-screen LED display

Interested to buy? Well if you want to buy RedFox products specially this neat eVolve Desktop just visit selected SM and Robinson's malls. You can check out the list of locations where you can buy RedFox products here. You can also buy from selected PC vendors and even online.

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  1. This is great news indeed. More places to look for RedFox products.

  2. Wow! Now I am even more impressed with this product. This is really all-in-one!

  3. This is my winning blog entry for the RedFox blogging contest and I won their cool boombox :) Thanks RedFox!

  4. yung evolve nmen nasira agad in just one year  pinalipas lang yung warranty.

  5. yung redfox eVolve  dahil sa pagiging compact ng lahat ng component madali syang uminit  kahit na may fan sya sa likod.