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Oishi vs Jack and Jill: Tenta vs Kichi

Jack and Jill Kichi vs Oishi Tenta, so who taste better? Well both of these snack food or fish flavored snacks are priced the same at Save More Supermarket here in Baliwag, Bulacan. Actually they also have the same price with the more popular brand of Oishi Marty's which is my personal favorite.

I just tried there two in order to try a new variety of snacks while watching television, movies or our favorite US TV Series late at night. I did have a chance to taste both of them and well according to my taste buds... Jack and Jill Kichi tastes better than Oishi Tenta.

The squid chips taste a little well squidy and not that tasty. It does not suit my approval for regular watching companion. It has an awkward taste which I rather not taste again. So my recommendation if you want the more savory taste then choose Jack and Jill Kichi. The price? Well just P17.50.

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