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Beware of 7-Eleven Slurpees, the RF Online

We thought that it was at least good tasting since 7-Eleven is promoting RF Online with their Slurpee drinks. For every purchase of large Slurpee you just add 2 pesos and you will be given an scratchable card which will give you free in-game items. RF Online is a game produced by Level-Up Games.

There are two flavors to choose from. One flavor is color blue and the other is color green or on RF terms that is an FP potion and a cure potion. Well curious about it my son and I bought one each and then we had the surprise of our lives.

The blue flavor was like bubblegum and have a good taste at first and the green flavor was really sour. As the blue Slurpee melts it began tasting the worst sour taste you can ever imagine and it will be hard for someone to drink it. My son really tried by he cannot use the RF FP potion.

I did enjoyed my cure potion for a while but then later I had to abandon it as well. It tastes better than the blue one but I can't take it too.

The lesson? Well just beware of the taste of those Slurpees. An unsolicited advice to Level Up and Slurpee... well if you are promoting something be sure that customers will like it.

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