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RATE THIS Commercial: Pacquiao - Kobe (new NIKE AD) 2009

Starting today we will be showing Commercials and we will be giving our readers the chance to vote based on the effectivity of the commercial shown. We are also inviting you to post your comments here. The main question in consideration for the rating is, "After watching the commercial are you convinced about the product and will you be inclined to buy it?

Note that we are not being paid to do this. You can also request a commercial which we will be featured here. The RATE THIS Commercial will be posted every 2 days and voting will be concluded after a month.

We will be giving you a scale rating of 1-5, with 5 being the highest.

Here is our first commercial for your rating: Pacquiao - Kobe (new NIKE AD) 2009

Now tell us what you think?

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