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The Jollibee Bucket Meal and a Good Time with My Kids

I usually prefer KFC over Jollibee if I would eat a chicken bucket meal, however this time I did choose to eat at Jollibee. My initial preference was just to eat the 50pesos value meal of Jollibee together with my kids, John Dwight, Helen Cleodara and David Jr. But since this is a very rare occasion that we are together I decided to order a Chickenjoy Bucket Meal.

The price we paid for a bucket meal together with extra rice and extra softdrinks was less than 500 pesos. The bucket meal contains 6 chickens, 3 drinks and 3 rice. It is originally a good for 3 meal but since we are four, I have to order extra rice and drinks.

Overall, the taste of the chicken was good and crunchy. The chicken were mostly thigh part and legs so they are full of juicy chicken rather than the less filled wings. My kids did enjoy their meal and well they ate it all up. Total time taken to eat the bucket meal... about 30 minutes.

I would say that Jollibee's chicken can be at par with that of Jollibee but I wouldn't sat that it is at par with KFC, I till have to really taste the two at the same time so that I can really make the conclusion. In terms of price, well all of them almost have the same prices but I think this is cheaper since a bucket at KFC would cost around 500 to 600 pesos.

Really enjoyed the time with my kids.

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