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Father's Day Contest from the Philippine Star

My son just joined a contest sponsored by Sustagen and the Philippine Star. The contest is entitled "A Toast to THE MAN and the Best Advice He Has Shared With You." I was touched at what John Dwight wrote in the contest and never though that the advice would have such an impact on him.

I remember when we finally had the chance to be together after his mother and I separated in 2003, he was very happy. I was then saddened to see how his studies went during that time. His grades were very low and well disappointing. From there on I do all that I can to teach him and let him know that education is really relevant.

Now, he is in First Year High School and most of the time he does his homework with his own initiative. He believes in himself and knows the value of education. Here is the entry he made for the contest. T

"I only had a chance to be with my Dad when I reached 10 years old, I was Grade 4. I was not good in school and hate studying. My Dad enrolled me in a private school and helps me in studying my lessons. Oftentimes, I get irritated because he was so persistent in teaching me.
One time I told Dad, “These lessons are so hard and I can’t really learn them.” Then he told me, “If before taking the first step you concluded that you cannot achieve it already then for sure you can’t do it because you do not believe in yourself.”

Then I understand that in life nothing is impossible as long as you believe in yourself and as long as you believe you can do it. From there on I began achieving things which before I thought I can’t do. Thanks Dad for making me better!."

Hope he wins. Thanks to Sustagen and the Philippine Star for coming up with a contest like this. For the submitted entries you can view it HERE.

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