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Pan De Manila, One of the Best Bakeries in Town

If you are looking for great and tasty "pandesal" and bread products then there is one place which you should consider, PAN DE MANILA.

Pan de Manila specializes on traditionally baked (pugon-style) pan de sal. That is why theur pandesal is attuned to the taste liked and loved by Filipinos.

The good taste of bread products from them is now available nationwide. They are present in all SM Supermalls as well as in key towns and cities across the country.

The stores of Pan De Manila are adorned with their red color and the distinct glowing sign board.

Besides bread products Pan De Manila also offers coffee and chocolate mixes. I like their coffee mix as well because it has a distinct taste which suites my taste buds. They also offer fruit jams as well as various preparations of palaman. Most of their palaman are vegetarian. One of those that I tasted was Herb Cream Cheese.

Pan De Manila products never cease to satisfy my taste buds and love for bread specially for pandesal. Thus, if you want to be satisfied too then try Pan De Manila.


  • Packaging: 10.
  • Product Cost: 9
  • Uniqueness: 10
  • Popularity: 10
  • Brand positioning: 9
  • Usability: 10
  • Effectiveness:9
  • Product Access:8
  • Advertising: N/A
  • TOTAL RATING: 75/80 or 93.75%

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  1. Hi there! I just want to share an experience with your product. I hope Pan de Manila would be able to read this. It just last week when we bought a loaf of bread from your brahc here in Pque, Bernabe branch and so unlucky (yet still lucky) of me when I was about to eat one slice, yummy, there I found something. It looks like a creature-thing "eww"...See the image, I have attached it...Well, it made me think again, how do Pan de Manila really maintain the cleanliness and the quality of their products. Well, so sad to say I'm one of your customers who will never go back again to buy another one bread.But don't worry, I wont spread what happen coz' I dont want your business to close. But this is a ground, right. Hope you do something about this. Thats all.

  2. Thanks for the comment and I hope that you report this to the branch of Pan de Manila concerned so that the manager will know of it. Sometimes things like this do happen but it does not mean that they are not following sanitary procedures.

  3. hi i just want to ask if you have a vacancy..

  4. I am intereted in having a franchise for Pan de Manila. Can you share what is the website or at least contact number so I can check. Thanks in advance. God bless

  5. i purchased bread from your cgs manda branch the cashier didnt give me receipt nov 10 1am

  6. I am a cypriot Citizen and i would like to ask whether you are interested in having  a franchise for Pan De Manilla in Cyprus.Please send me more information with the website and contact person  to ask.My e-mail address is [email protected] in Advance and awaiting your replay.


    Demetris Demetriou.

  7. pan de manaila wala ba kayong email add para maka sent ako nang vedio sa pag rerklamo ko  add nio poh facebook koh [email protected]     para makita nio ginagawa nang mga taohan nio salamat poh

  8. Ano po ba ginawa?

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