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Nestea Ice Tea: No Other Ice Tea tastes like it

Pardon for the bias but for me Nestea brand of ice tea is probably the best tasting brand of ice tea.  I am not paid to share it but it is based on my experience of having to taste the many different brands of ice tea nowadays.

It's rich taste and very natural flavor is what sets it out from the other brands.  Perhaps the commercial also helps and its relatively affordable price.

Here's my rating for Nestea Ice Tea

a. Packaging: 8.  I hope they can use recyclable plastics in their retail packs.  If you buy them on the regular PET bottles please do recycle.

b. Product Cost: 10.  Very affordable and comes in different sizes and also shapes.

c. Uniqueness: 8.  Packaging may be similar to other brands but the taste is what sets it apart..

d. Popularity: 10. Am sure almost all of us have already savored Nestea Ice Tea..

e. Brand positioning: 10.  Nestea had been a popular brand since I am a little boy.

f. Usability: 8. Thirst quenchers are useful in almost all situation plus their promotional items are also great.

g. Effectiveness: 8.  Good flavor but sometimes may taste sweet so you need water as well.

h. Product Access: 10.  The product is available in all stores nationwide.

i. Advertising: 10.  Very effective advertising shown on national TV, radio and print ads.

TOTAL RATING:  82/90 or 91.11%

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