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Joel Cruz's John Lloyd Cruz Perfume

I am a user of Afficianado Perfume for more than three years now.  I used it because it is affordable and its fragrance is comparable to the imported brands.  During the SM City Marilao's Wifi Launch, I had the chance to smell the aroma of Joel Cruz's John Lloyd Cruz brand.  To tell you frankly it is indeed one perfume that you must have.

The smell stays for more than 10 hours and it is very fragrant indeed.  Well you might also get the feeling that you are Echo himself but I doubt if Echo really uses it.

How much does it cost?

Well for new buyers it costs Php288 and for refill it will only cost you Php188.  To refill just bring your old bottles for exchange.

Here's my rating for this product:

a. Packaging: 9. Good and catchy packaging. Also uses reuse slogan thus helping the environment by avoiding thrown away bottles.

b. Product Cost: 10. Very affordable and you can refill it at a lower price.

c. Uniqueness: 8. a local perfume brand with a touch that can compare to international brands.

d. Popularity: 9. Echo and Afficianado is popular already.

e. Brand positioning: 9

f. Usability: 10. Who does not need a perfume nowadays.

g. Effectiveness: 8. Using Echo as the brand endorser is a great way to get the market.

h. Product Access: 10. Joel Cru'z perfume is found almost in every major mall in the Philippines.

i. Advertising: 10. With Joel Cruz's stint on Celebrity Duets am sure that his brand become more popular.

TOTAL RATING: 83/90 or 9.22

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