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Earn Big from Home by Just Posting and Writing in your Blog

You can EARN MONEY ONLINE! To date I own and write in 6 blogs plus I guest write in other blogs as well. I came to blog a lot first because I wanted to earn money but it never came easy because you really have to invest around 30 days at least to get your blog going. You also have to cater to an audience which is entirely yours, hence your blog should be unique. Your ability also to write fast, think fast and correct use of English grammar is very important.

Among all the earning tools I have besides Google AdSense of course is PayPerPost. and InPostLinks.  This program pays you through the posts which you write about within a month after your post is approved. To date with just minimal posting and with not that great effort I was paid US$210 or around P9,870. That is I only posted around 10 times a month about articles from PayPerPost site but if I put effort into it I can earn more than P15,000 per month.

If you will make an effort to it and you will develop your blog you will earn around US$150 or P7,050 a month for just taking 2 posts a day worth US$2.50 each. In my case I have two blogs. One blog is PR 2 and the other is quite changing PR from 0 to 2 then 0 again. If I can take 3 posts a day at US$2.50 per blog therefore that is US$15 a day which equates to US$450 a month or P21,250.

In order for posts to be approve you must have a site wide disclosure policy which you can GET HERE. You should also have the paid post alternating around regular post and at all times try to connect the post with your regular content.

Remember also to be very cautious and review the product or site before endorsing it in your blog. Always add a disclaimer about your post. This disclaimer should be in a form that will also not damage the endorsement but make the readers aware before taking any action.

So if you want to start earning SIGN UP HERE NOW!


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