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Staycation at Astrotel Cubao During the Pandemic

Are you looking for a place for your staycation? Do you want a place that is near malls and other establishments where you can go to other places? Do you want a hotel that is clean and safe? Let us introduce you to one of the most affordable staycation hotels in Metro Manila, ASTROTEL CUBAO.

Astrotel Cubao Theme Rooms

Astrotel Cubao's main theme room attraction is the space cockpit.  It is a VIP ROOM where you will feel that you are inside a space shuttle or spaceship. This is the first time that my wife and I stayed in a theme room like this since the availability always depends on the time that you are checking in.

The room is very comfy and the air conditioning is also working.  It is a simple room which simulates a space cockpit.  It might not be perfect but what is important is the feeling of being out of Earth for once and ignoring all the problems we are facing right now.

Food at Astrotel Cubao

Due to the current pandemic the availability of food to order during your staycation is limited.  The following are available any time of the day.

    • TOCILO (Tocino, Fried Rice and Egg)
    • LONGGSILOG (longganisa, Fried Rice and Egg)
    • HOTSILOG  (Hotdog, Fried Rice and Egg).
  • Clubhouse Sandwich
  • Soda in Can
  • 3-in-1 Coffee
  • Bottled Water

Amenities and Freebies

The room is a Deluxe Room and comes with Cable Television, hot and cold shower, hairdryer and of course strong FREE Wifi.  You will also be given free toiletries like soap, shampoo, and toothpaste plus free bottled drinking water.

Some of their major rooms come with free breakfast all you have to do is ask the lobby about their promos.

They have a promotion until December 25, 2021, "YOU'RE A ROAD HERO! ".  Get a chance to win motorcycle safety gear monthly when you check in at Astrotel Cubao and Guadalupe. Just present any motorcycle gears (helmet, gloves, etc) upon check-in to claim your raffle stub! The announcement of winners is every 25th of the month from July to December, 2021!

Other Rooms

Besides the room that we stayed in you can also avail other rooms that they have.  All you have to do is inquire at the lobby if you have any preference.  Here are some of the other rooms.





Astrotel Cubao Safety Precautions

We observed the safety protocols in Astrotel Cubao and we are satisfied.  Upon arriving at the hotel lobby you will be asked to take your temperature in an automatic scanner.  After that, you will then fill out a contact tracing form which will be given to the lobby.

Sanitation is also fundamental so before transacting with them you will be asked to sanitize with an automatic alcohol dispenser. All rooms are fully disinfected upon check out of the guests.

For more information about Astrotel Cubao and other branches, you can visit their Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/astrotelph/.

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