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takOMAYaki - Takoyaki, Fried Noodles, Sushi and More

Are you craving for some Japanese food?  Do you want it delivered in your home?  Well here comes takOMAYaki in Guiguinto, Bulacan and now also in Pasig City. 

Their Takoyaki are so popular because of its generous ang toppings.  Now, they are also changing how it looks. From the old cheese sauce on top, it will now be Bonito Flakes on top for more flavorful experience.

takOMAYaki Pricing 

They have 3 different variants for their Takoyaki servings:Takoyaki 8pcs per tub @120 pesos, 12pcs Takoyaki @160 pesos, and OCTOPUS - limited availability (130 for 8pcs/tub and 180 for 12pcs/tub).

Available flavors are:

🦀🌽crab n corn

 It can also be customized 

  • +20 for add'l bonito flakes 
  • +15 for add'l cheese

takOMAYaki Menu

The most popular of course from this place is their Takoyaki but if you will look at their Facebook pages they offer more than that.  You can also order Siomai and Sharksfin, Fried Noodles, Mixed Fried Rice, Burgers and more.

Just check out their Facebook pages to know what's available.

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