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Top 10 Reasons to See Hawaii

If there is one word to describe paradise, there is absolutely no doubt that the tiny island of Hawaii in the middle of the Pacific Ocean will top the list. Most people dream of setting foot on this exotic isle at least once a lifetime, and the lucky few who manage to do so, invariably return with the some of the most unforgettable memories. In case you, by any chance, are planning to take a Hawaii vacation in a Hawaii beach home, we have ten good reasons for you to make your epic trip worthwhile.

No doubt Hawaii is top of many traveler’s bucket lists – what with awesome beaches and dreamy romantic views? There’s SO much Hawaii has to offer that 10 reasons are just not enough but if you are still on the sidelines about making this trip – These will point you in the right direction.

10. Search for the best Hawaiian Shave Ice

Enjoying Shave Ice is the perfect way to cool off in Hawaii. Having said that, even though there are many shops and mobile carts offering Shave ice, not all are up to the mark. From passion fruit, mango and lychee, the combinations are endless.

The Matsumoto Shave Ice in Oahu and the Ono Ono Shave ice outlet on Kauai beach are popular, but the Ululani Shave Ice at the Maui beach is outstanding.These outlets pride themselves on  customer experience and provide some of the perfect Shave ice mixes. The Ice itself is made from filtered water to make it fine and smooth, while the accompanying syrup is manufactured from fresh juices, premium purees  and refined cane sugar.

9. Weather

The weather in Hawaii is amazing at most time of the years. Gentle trade winds, which got their names from the early traders who used them for navigation, keep the temperatures at comfortable levels.

8. The History

Polynesian settlers arrived in Hawaii, many years before Columbus discovered America. Captain James Cook discovered the island in 1778, till King Kamehameha made all islands one   7n 1795. The island was annexed to the mainland USA in 1898, and ultimately became the 50th state of America in 1959.

7. The Volcanoes

Every island in Hawaii, has its roots in the ocean floor from where it has emerged due to volcanic activity. The island stretches for nearly 1500 miles, and all of them depict tell -tale marks, reminding them of their hot spot  past. Mt.Waialeale on Kauai, Diamond Head in Oahu or Haleakala in Maui are all in state of some sort of activity since long.

6. Polynesian Art

The best way to experience the food, culture, fun and dance of Polynesia is by way of Luaus. A traditional Luau ceremony commences with picking up a kalua pig from an underground oven and enjoying an extravagant meal. In the end, visitors are entertained by a variety of dances from all the different islands.

5. The locals

Since tourism is the guiding light towards the economy of Hawaii, the ‘aloha spirit’ is evident in everybody on the island. While in practice people of Hawaii are cordial, in theory there is a law to that effect in force.

4. Food

Nearly every island in Hawaii serves some of the best delicious food in the world. One of the most favourite dish on the island is Poke, made from tuna with a combination of seasonings. Other popular dishes include, Garlic shrimp, Spam Musubi, fresh fruit, Loco Moco, Hula pie and Poi.

3. The Aloha spirit.

The true spirit of Hawaii can be witnessed in the Hawaiian Lei Greetings.This feeling is for real, and the traditional welcome to the island is done by offering a Hawaiian flower as a greeting upon arrival. Subject to season and availability, some of the best flowers like, carnations, plumerias and orchids are used.

2. Water sports

Hawaii is the ideal place for water sports activities like, surfing, parasailing and snorkeling. Parasailing is a blend of hand gliding and water skiing and is best experienced at Oahu. Snorkeling tours are organized from most of the islands, and include both land-based and sailing tours to allow access to the best spots in Hawaii. Surfing originated in Hawaii and this popular sporting activity is available everywhere.

1. Hawaii has the best beaches in the world.

Hawaii has many stretches of white sand, gently caressed by clear blue waters, to rank among the best in the entire planet. Names such as Waikiki, Lanikai, Wai’anapanapa State Park, Ka’anapali Beach, Hanauma Bay Nature Reserve and the Poipu Beach Park all occupy a pride of place on the tourist itinerary.

Hotels, condominiums, open air shopping centers and restaurants are located on most of these places. For outdoor enthusiasts there are activities like snorkeling, boogie-boarding, swimming and last but not the least, surfing. If it is your day, you might spot humpback whales spouting offshore or get up close to other marine animals like  green sea turtles and Hawaiian monk seals much closer to the beach.

Visit Hawaii Now

Apart from affordability, a visit to Hawaii, leaves one spoilt for choices. If you keep an eye for deals, you can travel to this Pacific isle from halfway around the world, for the same price it may take you to fly across your country.

It doesn’t have to be expensive to make your dream vacation to Hawaii come true. Just plan well in advance, save up and make this trip happen – after all, now you have more than one solid excuse to go!  Hawaii will surely not disappoint.

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