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Teindesitas Food Village

 There are too many super malls in the Philippines already especially in Metro Manila.  Some of the malls however are underrated and are not given much attention because of biases for some malls with big names.  Let us introduce you to TIENDESITAS FOOD VILLAGE.

Tiendesitas is located in Pasig City along E. Rodriguez Jr. Avenue.  You can reach this are by riding any public utility vehicle that will either traverse the Ortigas Extension area or E. Rodriguez Jr.  Typical routes are those going to Taytay, Tikling, San Mateo and others.

Teindesitas Food Village is located in Tiendesitas, a mall owned by Ortigas and Company.  It is like an event area located within a food court.  This area is quite big and is an ideal place if you want to experience events, food and concert.

Bands usually play at night and beer are readily available.  You can avail a bucket of beer with free pulutan for as low as Php300.  The area is also safe plus you get to see some rare items like furniture, custom made shirts, gift items and more.

Visit Tiendesitas Food Village and experience this place that is at the center of a high end shopping mall in Pasig City.

For more information on Teindesitas and Tiendesitas Food Village just visit their Facebook page.

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