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How to Spot Bank Fraud and What to Do?

How do you stop bank fraud and what should you do in case you feel that you are a victim of it?  I recently received an e-mail from Metrobank and Bancnet sharing some tips on how to spot online fraud.  These are commonly e-mails or messages which are directly sent to you via e-mail or SMS.

Common Phrases to Be Aware Of

Here are some of the common phrases which should put you on alert and examine the content and validity of the message:

  • "For account maintenance..."
  • "Your account has been placed on temporary hold."
  • "Click here to resolve."
  • "Incomplete profile details."
  • "Update your account."
  • "Verify your account."

What should you do in cases where you feel you received a fraudulent e-mail?

First and foremost, do not share your ursername, password, PIN, account or card number to anyone.  Bank will not proactively ask any account or personal information via e-mail or SMS.

Do not disclose your OTP to anyone because this might be used to execute fraudulent transactions on your account.  Banks will not ask your OTP via e-mail or SMS.

What should you do if you think you had been a victim of fraud?

If you think you had been a victim of fraud call your bank immediately.  You can also personally visit your bank branch and report the incident at once.

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