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Get Intimate with Cats at Gilmore Cat Café

Gilmore is known in Metro Manila as a place to buy affordable Information Technology products specially computers and other peripherals.  Did you know that besides that it is also becoming a place to meet and greet cuddly cats?  Yes, indeed, Gilmore Cat Café just along Granada St. is now a home to a dozen of cats which interacts with humans and gives them a feel of relaxation.

Gilmore Cat Café which is just more than 2 months in operation started out by taking on reservations from those who would want to get personal with the cats.  Lucky for us because after those months of trials and testing the market for a cat café, they would formally open their doors to the public on August 9, 2015 with a Grand Launching.  You can just visit the café and right there get intimate with their cats.

The place is a café where you can eat good pastries as well as savor some drinks like coffee, espresso, tea, shakes and more.  If you want to meet the cats all you have to do is pay P300 and you get P150 worth of consumable items from the café.  For Senior Citizens you just pay P250 and you still get the P150 consumable.  Gilmore Cat Café also offers kids below 10 years old a discount and can mingle with the cats for only P100 but there is no consumable.  For students, just pay P200 and get P100 worth of consumable.

I was thankful that I was invited by Ranne of www.ranneveryday.com to accompany her during her visit at the Cat Café.  After enjoying some drinks and muffins we went to the Cat Café.  We were asked to sign a mandatory waver form and then there was an orientation about rules and regulations inside the Cat Café.

The cats were very engaging except for some who are of course sleeping.  You are not supposed to wake up the cats and you should respect their private time, this is something that I really salute them for.  We were able to meet Hassan, Garfield, Mina, Cloud, Muschka, Bubbles and more.

I would say that I really have fun and it was great to experience for the first time being in a cat café.  I am just sad that I have heard some people are bashing and even trying to comment badly about Gilmore Cat Café.  I do not know their issue but personally I am thankful that there are places like this which make us closer to animals and enjoy their company responsibly.

I noticed that they are really taking time to instruct those who are getting inside the place for cats on how to properly mingle with the cats.  They are also doing precautions on how to protect the cats and are also giving educational trivia.  I only see good things and praises for Gilmore Cat Cafe.

Gilmore Cat Café is open regularly from Monday to Sunday, 7:00 AM – 12:00 AM.  There will be cat maintenance regularly at a flexible time. Maintenance may take between 15 to 30 minutes.  You can also spend breakfast here for just P45 from 7:00AM – 11:00 AM and enjoy unlimited brewed coffee.

If you want to be part of the Gilmore Cat Cafe Grand Opening on August 9 you can visit their Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/gilmore.cat.cafe and click on [Book Now]. You can also purchase the limited available tickets available in the store. Register your ticket at the store for your raffle entry.

For further questions,  you can message their page or contact them through the following:

  • Mobile: +63-9177739588
  • Landline: +63-2-9040041
You can also visit the official event page in Facebook.

Thanks Gilmore Cat Café for providing a place where we can learn how to love cats and experience playing with them.

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