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FOOD REVIEW: Dairy Queen and it's oozing sweetness

 Who would not love an ice ream and much more if it is Dairy Queen?  Dairy Queen or DQ will always be one of the most trusted brands in creating a unique upside down served ice cream with various flavors to choose from.  It's latest offering the DQ Loacker Blizzard for the month of February is something worth trying out.

Loacker is an Italian company based in South Tyrol, producing wafers, chocolate and derivative products. It was founded in 1926 as a family company by Alfons Loacker. SO what's it have to do with Dairy Queen?  Well it means that since Loacker is one of the top and best producers of wafer plus team that up with an authority in ice cream creation equals a topnotch flavor that you should definitely try out.

As a dedicated Zoman (a foodie blogger and reviewer for Zomato), I am privilege to be invited to try out the new Blizzard of the Month of Dairy Queen, the Loacker Blizzard.  We were given all 3 flavors - Strawberry, Chocolate and Vanilla.
  • Strawberry Loacker - has the best and most distinguished flavor among all the three.  You can taste the real strawberry taste in it.  
  • Chocolate Loacker - a pure chocolate taste that blends well with the Loacker wafer.  Although at some point I would say this one hides the true flavor of the wafer.
  • Vanilla Loacker - for those who would like to experience the real taste of Loacker wafer then this one is your best option.  The vanilla flavor keeps the wafer taste in tact and not much adulterated.

Besides the new Blizzard Loacker, Dairy Queen also offers a special Valentines product which could be a perfect gift for your love one.  The Dairy Queen Ice Cream Cakes comes in two flavors: (1) Oreo Blizzard Ice Cream Cake, and (2) KitKat Strawberry Blizzard Ice Cram Cake.

Among the two Valentines Blizzard Ice Cream Cake, I would say that I prefer the strawberry flavor over the Oreo Blizzard.  Why?  It is more tasty and you feel the real flavor of strawberry plus it has chocolate Kitkats on top.  

This is the foodie meetup where I really got full easily and well for the first time I have to say surrender to the cake and the Blizzard because 3 cups plus 2 cakes are just too much for us.  We did enjoy the flavors and I would commend Dairy Queen for coming up with innovative and delicious combination of their ice cream cakes and Blizzards.

For more information and updates just visit Dairy Queen's page on Facebook.  Share with us your feedback about Dairy Queen and their products by posting a comment below.

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