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Mr Kimbob is Definitely a Must Visit

I am someone who does not like Korean food, that is why when Mei asked me to eat at Mr. Kimbob while at SM Megamall, I had second thoughts. Although, I do not like Korean food I have the sense of adventure in food and I love to taste new food and dishes all the time. So we try and order two dishes, one beef and one chicken. Well, the name was hard to memorize though because it is Korean in someway.

When the food arrived, we were surprised to see the amount of it. It was one full plate of the main chicken and beef plus it was surrounded by various vegetables. While writing this blog I realized I find it hard to translate into English the ingredients so I did check out the internet and I came across "Joon" which is written by a Filipino-Korean blogger.

The right way to eat Bulgogi Bibimbap
There, I learned that the food we ordered was called "Bulgogi bibimbap" ans is composed of rice, bulgogi beef, carrots, bean sprouts, cabbage, spinach, and sunny-side egg. We also discovered that we ate the dish wrong because we thought that the vegetable and kimchi are side dishes.

The right way to eat the Bulgogi bibumbap which also means "mixed meal" by the way is to mix all the ingredients. You can either include the Kimchi in the mix or not because it is the only real side dish in the meal.

We also discovered that we did miss an ingredient, the dressing. They did not include the dressings in our meal. Perhaps they know that since we are Filipino we will be eating it the Filipino way.

I also hate Kimchi before but thanks to Mr. Kimbob because now I love it and I realized that it was not a bad tasting food after all. Although, I dislike spicy food... this one is negligible.

The dressings we missed

Despite the fact as well that we did eat the Bulgogi Bibimbap wrongly, it still tasted good and probably I can say that it is one of the best foreign dishes that I have tasted so far. So how much is this food?

Well, if you have P100 then you will still get a chance for it. An order of Bulgogi Bibimbap is just P95. You will definitely say that... "I am in heaven!" because of Mr. Kimbob.

Our thanks to "Joon: The Fil-Kor Blog Vol.2" for the added information.

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  1. Wow! i never tasted kimchi din, since smell pa lng ayoko na, will try this sometime, let see kung kakayanin ko rin ang taste ng binurong pechay. haha!

    I heard Kimbob from Sheila nung kumain kami sa sm makati, since mas pinili namin tokyo tokyo, d ko pa sya tuloy natikman, next visit to sm mega, will try kimbob.

  2. Di naman masama ang amoy eh... it was delicious... as in two thumbs up and five stars :)

  3. yes. i've tasted this myself  and i agree with you. its really good and its now one of my favorite dish in SM foodcourt.