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Survival-Shooter ‘Mission EVO’ Now Available

Fight for survival in an intense PvPvE experience, powered by Unreal Engine 5

Survival-Shooter ‘Mission EVO’ Now Available
Unlike most other kinds of action-shooter games, which often relies solely on shootouts, the Survival Shooter genre has gained huge popularity among many gamers thanks to its intense and strategic gameplay possibilities. Instead of simply looking for ammo or armor in typical Battle Royale games like PUBG, CoD: Mobile, or Apex Legends, Survival games like Rust, Undawn, or H1Z1 also tasks players with taking care of other needs such as food, water, and shelter in order to survive against attacking players or even A.I. controlled enemies.

With the goal of combining the intense and strategic survival gameplay with the frenetic firefights of the Battle Royale genre, Mission Evo is publisher Nuverse’s latest exciting title, offering best-in-class gameplay for both Survival and Action-Shooter fans. Developed on the powerful Unreal Engine 5 and brought to you by Nuverse - the publishers of Marvel SNAP!, which was crowned Best Mobile Game at The Game Awards 2022 - embark on an unforgettable journey through a vast post-apocalyptic map, where the threat of hostile players and A.I. enemies loom around every corner. Explore diverse terrains, uncover secrets, and fight hidden bosses for valuable treasures!

What is Mission EVO?

Survival-Shooter ‘Mission EVO’ Now Available

Mission EVO combines the best parts of Action-Shooter and Survival games to produce heart-pounding gameplay. Each round of Mission EVO begins with players scattered across the game’s large map, known as Emberland, each armed with a simple starting axe. Players must harvest resources to construct a home base to protect themselves from threats such as opposing players and A.I.-controlled zombies, while also venturing out to harvest Ember, one of the resources that will decide the victor of each round.

Unlike typical Mobile Shooter games, victory in Mission EVO isn’t always decided in a firefight. Each round of Mission EVO takes place over the course of 7 real-time days, where players are able to log in or out to complete objectives as they choose. Players will have to pursue victory through various means, whether it be combat by seeking out other player shelters, or simply construct an impenetrable fortress to fend off would-be attackers. Those looking for a special challenge can even cooperate with friends to tackle the Raids and defeat special Boss enemies for valuable loot!

Survival-Shooter ‘Mission EVO’ Now Available

Survival-Shooter ‘Mission EVO’ Now Available

The game also features an extensive building system, allowing players to design and create the fortress of their choice, with multiple research paths offering plenty of crafting options that support a variety of strategies and playstyles. Bases are an integral part of survival in Mission EVO, acting as the players’ lifeline, item storage, and defence against enemy players looking to steal your hard-earned resources.Build mazes, traps, and even gun turrets to protect yourself and survive the longest!
Victory in Mission EVO is as much about your skills with a gun as it is about forging alliances, clever tactics, and effective teamwork. With absolutely no pay-to-win elements within the game, only the most tenacious players can hope to come out on top.
Developed by the experienced professionals at Nuverse, Mission EVO combines the best elements of the top gaming genres. For Battle Royale and Survival pros, the game offers the intense resource management, base-building, and exciting firefights you’ve come to expect from the genre, with the added twist of an expansive PvE experience that includes Raid Bases with challenging fights against unique Bosses. Meanwhile, MOBA and Strategy players can enjoy the deep teamwork and planning involved in scouting out the map and constructing the perfect base to protect them against enemies.

Survival-Shooter ‘Mission EVO’ Now Available

Whether you’re a shooter fan, a MOBA fan, a competitive gamer, a casual player, or anything in between, there is definitely something for you in the world of Mission EVO. 

Play Mission EVO Today!

Mission EVO is currently available in Thailand, Brazil, Mexico, and the Philippines exclusively on Google Play Store. Visit the game’s Official Website for all the latest updates and developments!

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