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Knights Templar Ridge Hotel Tagaytay City

Knights Templar Ridge Hotel Tagaytay City

If you are looking for a relaxing and luxurious getaway in the Philippines, you might want to consider the Knights Templar Ridge Hotel in Tagaytay City. This hotel is not only a place to stay, but also a historical attraction that showcases the legacy of the Knights Templar, the medieval order of warrior monks who fought in the Crusades.

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Knights Templar Ridge Hotel Location and Amenities

Knights Templar Ridge Hotel Tagaytay City
Knights Templar Ridge Hotel Tagaytay City

The hotel is located on a ridge overlooking the Taal Lake and Volcano, offering a stunning view of the natural scenery. The hotel features 24 spacious and elegant rooms, each named after a prominent Templar leader, such as Jacques de Molay, Hugues de Payens, and Gerard de Ridefort. The rooms are decorated with medieval-themed furniture and artifacts, such as swords, shields, helmets, and tapestries. The rooms also have modern amenities, such as air-conditioning, Wi-Fi, Android TV, and minibars.

The hotel also has a restaurant that serves a variety of dishes inspired by the cuisines of the countries where the Templars operated, such as France, Spain, Portugal, England, and the Holy Land. The hotel also has a bar that offers a selection of wines, beers, and cocktails, as well as a library that contains books and documents about the history and mysteries of the Templars.

Probably One of the Best Hotels in Tagaytay City

Knights Templar Ridge Hotel Tagaytay City

You can ask for assistance from the hotel to help you organize tours and activities. The hotel's location is near some of the tourist attractions in Tagaytay. You can visit the nearby Puzzle Mansion, which houses a collection of paintings and sculptures. You can also join a guided hike to Taal Volcano Island. It is also within walking distance from Picnic Grove which is one of the major tourist attractions plus with a jeepney or e-trike ride you can reach the famous People's Park which is high atop the mountain of Tagaytay. [We also recommend trying TANGLAW HAPAG KAINAN which is near the hotel.]

Knights Templar Ridge Hotel Tagaytay City
Knights Templar Ridge Hotel Tagaytay City

The Knights Templar Ridge Hotel is more than just a hotel. It is an experience that will transport you to another time and place, where you can immerse yourself in the fascinating world of the Templars. Whether you are a history buff, an adventure seeker, or a leisure traveler, you will find something to enjoy at this unique hotel. Book your stay now and discover the hidden treasures of Tagaytay City.

Here are some shots from their restaurant.

Pros of Knights Templar Ridge Hotel Tagaytay City

  • Best Taal Lake View. It has one of the best scenic views of Tall Lake which you can enjoy throughout your stay.  All rooms have a perfect view of the lake.
  • Discounted Rate. It has 15% discount offering until July 31 and might even extend beyond.  This is a very affordable price considering the beauty of the hotel.
  • Unique Hotel Theme. I have never seen a hotel theme focusing on the Knights Templar and it is not just limited to one room because the whole hotel is dedicated to it.  From rooms to the restaurant to the lobby, and the entrance.  They are perfectly one of a kind.
  • Amazing Room.  The room is truly elegant with all the gold-looking gadgets inside.  True to its history that they are once the economic powerhouse of Europe, even its bidet looks gold.  The bed is so soft and the overlooking view was amazing.
  • Kind Hotel Staff.  All of the staff in the hotel are very approachable and offer you a helping hand.
  • Swimming Pool. You can enjoy the privacy of their swimming pool. Due to the length of the pool though the height is uniform at 5 feet but they do have a pool jacuzzi which you can also enjoy.
  • Restaurant.  The restaurant and bar are adorned with a full Knights Templar theme plus a view of Taal Lake.

Cons of Kinigts Templar Hotel in Tagaytay City

  • No Cable TV.  If you would like to watch television, the rooms do not have cable TV but you can enjoy online shows including Netflix just use your own account.
  • Intermittent WiFi. Internet connection is not consistent but it will do plus you are only limited to 4 devices.
  • Bad Gym Location. You are given free access to the gym located in the basement but it seems this area is not very conducive for such a function.

Overall Rating for Knights Templar Ridge Hotel Tagaytay City

We are giving the Knights Templar Ridge Hotel Tagaytay City a rating of 9/10.  Compared to other hotels in Tagaytay City, the experience here is very unique.  There are no similar hotels like this in the entire country, the closes that come to my mind is Camelot Hotel in Quezon City.

For more information and for bookings you can contact them via the following:

I really enjoyed my stay while looking at the scenic view of Taal Lake.

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