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Is pCloud the Best Cloud Storage Platform?

With Cybercrime and Ransomware hitting the headlines, is there any such thing as peace of mind? 

Is pCloud the Best Cloud Storage Platform?

Not if you are using cloud platforms with a historical record for data breaches. There is one cloud platform that challenged over 600 hacking organizations, with over 2800 participants, from 92 countries, with a $100,000 reward to anyone who could hack into their encryption. Given 180 days to complete the challenge and in six months, there were zero hacks

The pCloud Crypto Hacking Challenge

With over 2,860 participants in a span of 6 months and a prize of $100.000 no one was able to hack pCloud during the duration of the pCloud Crypto Challenge.  This means that they are one of the most secured cloud servers on the planet to date.

What is the Best Cloud Storage Platform?

Affordability of pCloud

pCloud offers secure cloud storage with pay-once, lifetime plans starting with 500GB for $175, and pCloud Crypto (Military Grade Encryption) for those sensitive documents for a pay-once, lifetime of $125.

You can check out their plans as well:
  • Check out our subscription plans here
  • Pay-once, Lifetime plans here  
  • Military-grade encryption here 

Data Breaches are Getting Rampant and Choice of Cloud Storage is Key

Below is a timeline of data breaches for some of the big names on the market. 

Microsoft Azure

A quick glimpse reveals 17 headlines involving Microsoft since 2010. A timeline of Microsoft Azure breaches can be found at www.FirewallTimes.com/microsoft-data-breach-timeline/

Microsoft One Drive

Created on Dec 9, 2021.  When OneDrive was hacked, the Microsoft Community itself recommends storing copies somewhere else.


A quick glimpse reveals 18 headlines involving Amazon since 2012.  A timeline of Amazon breaches can be found at www.FirewallTimes.com/amazon-data-breach-timeline/

Google Cloud Platform

A quick glimpse reveals 11 headlines involving Google since 2009.  A timeline of Google Cloud Platform data breaches can be found at www.FirewallTimes.com/google-data-breach-timeline/

pCloud is the clear choice for peace of mind. Get your peace of mind today. By the way there is a FREE 10Gb storage when you sign-up.

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