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Introducing a Filipino Ride Sharing App - OWTO

During this time of pandemic the call to support local businesses and entrepreneurs is very loud.  Why? This is simply because by supporting them we will help out in boosting the economy of our country.  One of the ways to support local is by patronizing this Filipino ride sharing app called OWTO.

What is OWTO

Owto is an all-Filipino TNVS, which has recently launched in the Philippines.  It is a way to ride safely amidst the COVID-19 pandemic.  The best part of supporting and using this app is the rates are relatively lower than other similar services.

 We are a 100% Philippine company. We are committed to be compliant to all the rules and regulations set forth by the government in pursuit for the greater good of the public. The system is developed by a team of, of course, world-class Filipino programmers.

Being local means it is more sensitive to the needs of both the partners and the riding public.

After all, only a Filipino can understand a Filipino. 


Try OWTO now!

We are blogging about OWTO because we believe since this is a Filipino company, we can be assured that it will be more sensitive to our needs as well.As it is committed to give its riders reasonable value-for-money fares, it also empowers the driving partners with equitable take-home pays through the company’s lower commission take-out schemes. 

In fact we will be having a vlog review of our very own use of the app.

Visit their website for more details.  

By the way, the Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/owtophl/ of OWTO is currently unavailable. Considering that this avenue is a great help for the service provider and to the riding public as well,  OWTOph is seeking help from the public to appeal from Facebook to restore their page. Facebook has always been the number one platform of events sharing and communication and this is vital and beneficial to both ends. It will be a great help if OWTOphl will be restored soonest.

Are you using OWTO?  Tell us what you think about it.

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