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DC Super Herose Cafe Closes Down

DC Super Heroes Cafe which opened in 2018 is closing down. The niche cafe announced it on March 11, 2020.  The announcement and decision were not due to the current COVID-19 pandemic but more of a business decision.


DC Super Heroes Cafe: Good Concept but High Pricing?

I would admit that I tried to eat and dine at DC Super Heros Cafe but the common question I have every time I went there was, "Is it value for money?"  The pricing of their food for me at least is not commensurate to its true value.

Sure you will eat at a true fandom place for DC fans but it should be more than that.  I am not saying the place or the idea was bad, it is just for me that is my concern.

I am still sad to see DC Super Heroes Cafe close down but indeed business has its bad and sad side.

Thanks for offering us fans a place to dine and enjoy what we love.

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