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Catherine Full Body Game Review

I am not actually a fan of puzzle games in Playstation but when I was asked to take a look at Catherine: Full Body, I was intrugued to know what the game is all about.  The game dwells into a story which is a very common scenario in relationships plus it is anime-ish.  Here is a brief review and gameplay of Catherine: Full Body as released for the PS4.

Catherine Full Body Plot and Story

Catherine: Full Body takes us to the life of a male protagonist Vincent and his struggle with his current relationship with Katherine.  The story is something typical of a man who is comtemplating about marriage and then suddenly gets into unexpected turn of events.

Our indecisive protagonist, Vincent, has been with his long-time girlfriend, Katherine, for five years. But instead of taking the next step into marriage, Vincent finds himself in an affair with the provocative blonde bombshell, Catherine! Thrown into discord by his own infidelity, he finds solace in the innocent Rin – further complicating matters. Adding to Vincent’s dilemma, he begins having nightmares that force him to climb for his life… Will he survive the trials and tribulations of love, or fall to temptations?

Each night, Vincent will have a dream where he becomes a sheep and have to climb a series of puzzles.  You have to assemble the blocks and create stairs until you reach the top where you will find other sheeps.  Talking to these sheeps which eventually you discover are also humans like you, will add exciting discoveries to your game play.

Plus Points for Catherine Full Body

Since I am not fans of game like this and this is my first time, I would admit that I have difficulty playing the “normal” mode.  It is hard to think while the blocks are falling or someone is chasing you.  That is why I decided to play the easy mode and enjoy the story.  This is also what I would recommend new players to do.  The story is something that you would appreciate a lot.

📌Story.  The story is deep, captivating and at some point erotic.  Well, I am an anime fan and deeper than that, thus I find some of the scenes and dialogue very erotic.  It is something that males would love to play.  It is also a learning experience which we can have in order to delve into a very serious issue about relationships.

📌Puzzles.  The puzzles are unique and very challenging.  I just discovered that Catherine: Full Body indeed contains over 500 puzzles, over twice that of the original game! ‘Arrange Mode’ adds complex linked blocks to once-familiar levels, requiring new techniques and strategies to conquer them.  Play all the difficulties plus the “remix” version and test your skills.

📌Voice Acting.  Voice acting was indeed superb.  It is like watching an entirely new anime which you can relate too and feel the emotions of all the characters.

 📌The World.  The world of Catherine: Full Body is very interactive.  When you are at the bar, you can even interact with the Jukebox, which I enjoyed a lot.  Listen not only to the songs of the game itself but also to other related games like Persona.  I also enjoy the bits of trivia especially those that talks about alcohol.

Catherine Full Body Suggestions

There are some points which my girldfriend and I did discuss about the game.  Here are some of the things which I believe needs to be improved or in my view is needed.

📌Skipping of the Story Mode.  I believe that the “skip” button should be very visible in the game especially if you are playing it more than once.  Instead of pressing the option button and then pressing the skip, why not make it directly visible?

📌Auto Save.  I also think that whenever you finish the nightmare stage and you wake up the game should automatically be saved to an “Autosave” game slot.  This makes it easy for the player to continously play the game just in case he wants to stop playing or he/she forgots to save the game manually.

📌Skipping Cinematics/Animation.  At the end of every puzzle there is a cinematic or animation at the end.  I believe it should be skippable as well.

📌R-18 Mode.  I do not know if this is already present but is there a DLC were the game would be brought to a whole new level? ( silly me…)

Catherine Full Body Review and Score

I am giving this game an overall score of 90/100.  It is a good game and very challenging.  In fact I became a fan of it and I want to continue playing unfortunately our television set became moody and we have to replace it plus work is so taxing.

If you want to test your skills and also enjoy a unique story then please do try Catherine: Full Body.  You can GET THE GAME HERE.

Have you played Catherine Full Body?  What do you think about the game?

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