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Experience Nitrogen Ice Cream G9 at SM City Marilao

Nitrogen freezing had been popular for making dry ice, an ice which is not suitable for human consumption.  Today, however, this same gas can produce a very flavorful ice cream.  Singapore's famous liquid nitrogen ice cream, G9 Molecular Ice Cream is now open at SM City Marilao.

What is G9 Molecular Ice Cream?

G9 Molecular Ice Cream is SIngapore's trendy frozen dairy treat.  If you think this is the same as other ice creams then think again because the entire procedure is totally different.  Each order is made from ice cream paste flash-frozen with liquid nitrogen.  It takes 60 seconds and a temperature of -196 degrees Celsius to create the liquid paste freeze which in turn gives a smooth, creamy texture beyond traditional hand-scooped ice cream.

We visited their store at SM City Marilao to witness the process and give a taste of their products and we were really amazed.  Each ice cream has a very natural taste since they are made from 100% organic sources concocted right in front of the customers.

You will surely love the spectacular liquid nitrogen smoke show while guaranteeing a unique taste of freshness and flavor.

How does G9 Molecular Ice Cream feel and taste?

We tried the Smoky Popo (Php70) and it was a different experience.  Do take care and be wary of holding the cup for too long because it might damage your hand.  Experience the thrill of blowing smoke after chewing the liquid nitrogen ice cream pops.

We also tried their famous Durian Flavor Ice Cream and all I can say is that it tastes like authentic Durian.  At Php159 this ice cream is something that everyone should try.

I have no negative comment to other flavors that we have tried as well like Avocado, Langka and Mango.  All of these concoctions are indeed very flavorful.

Smoky Popo

Langka Flavor

Durian Flavor

Mango Flavor

Avocado Flavor

Visit G9 Molecular Ice Cream at SM City Marilao

Beside the sweet frozen concoctions, they also serve delectable and avant-garde ice creams. Customers can choose from various flavors which includes the all-time favorite cookies and cream to exotic flabors like durian milk up to their latest creation - sea salt caramel.

G9 Molecular Ice Cream is located at the second floor of SM City Marilao.  The company was founded in Singapore in 2013 and currently has more that 200 stores across Asia.

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