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Introducing new Swiss Miss Chocolate Hazelnut

It's the sweet life- La Dolce Vita with the newest flavor of Swiss Miss, Chocolate Hazelnut.  Anne Curtis, Swiss Miss endorser introduced to the crowd gathered at the Venice Canal Mall in BGC the new flavor.  Swiss Miss Chocolate Hazelnut which fuses the aroma and flavor of  roasted, buttery hazelnuts with silky, creamy and frothy chocolate.
The event was dubbed as "La dolce vita," which literally translates to “the sweet life,"  This newest Swiss Miss flavor aims to capture the flavor of Italy.  Celebrate the Italians’  flair for passion, romance and life’s luxuries – from savoring sumptuous meals with family and spending moments with friends and loved ones to listening to passionate music and donning the latest fashion pieces. 

Swiss Miss Chocolate Hazelnut is made from  premium, imported cocoa and real milk, Swiss Miss Chocolate Hazelnut fuses the aroma and flavor of roasted, buttery hazelnuts with silky, creamy and frothy chocolate. It’s truly a feast for the senses!

 “We’re proud that the Philippines is the first country in the world to try this new flavor. The new Swiss Miss Chocolate Hazelnut flavor is truly a very exciting flavor because of hazelnut’s unique taste and aroma,” said Cathy Castro, Swiss Miss Asia marketing manager. 

Swiss Miss Chocolate Hazelnut Quick Review

We have tried this new Swiss Miss flavor in both hot and cold preparation.  I would say that it gives us another unique flavor very different from the previous Swiss Miss flavors.  Although personally, this one will not be my favorite among the flavors because I like the one with marshmallows, it is stll highly recommended.  

Anne Curtis who is now the  first ever global Swiss Miss endorser seems to also like the new flavor a lot.  Her career as an actress, host and award-winning endorser whose daily activities on social media garners millions of followers deserves such a captivating drink.

Anne Curtis and Swiss Miss

Anne embodies the essence of the brand by finding time for leisure and travel in spite of her busy schedule and rewarding herself for her successes. Her recent trip to Italy showcased her passion for life’s pleasures, such as food, fashion, and love. 

“Work is important, but we should also allow ourselves the well-deserved indulgence by enjoying life and rewarding ourselves after hard-won victories – big or small. With Swiss Miss Chocolate Hazelnut, this is possible anywhere – at work, at home or even while travelling!,” said Anne. 

Swiss Miss Chocolate Hazelnut

Experience la dolce vita by enjoying life’s little pleasures and rewarding yourself with the new Swiss Miss Chocolate Hazelnut. 

Swiss Miss Chocolate Hazelnut is now available in leading stores and supermarkets nationwide. For more updates, visit  Swiss Miss Philippines on Facebook and follow them on Instagram @SwissMissPH.

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