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My Blogapalooza Horizons 2.0 Experience, Then and Now

After missing the first Blogapalooza event this year, I was able to catch the second one just in the nick of time.  Thanks to my friend who did register me so that I can attend it - Blogapalooza Horizons 2.0 Charting the Unchartered.  The moment I heard that the event is at Novotel Manila Araneta Center (see our review here) I was so excited.  I am thinking that it would be held at the big ballroom of Novotel considering how Blogapalooza had evolved throughout the year... but then...

Scourging heat of the sun

We arrived at the event venue around 2:00pm.  We were expecting to be directed to the ballroom upon registration, however we were told to go to the 6th floor. Hmmmm... is it the tent?  Then we saw the event venue.  There were tons of sponsors and booths lined up in the Versace Event Place of Novotel Manila Araneta Center.

I think there were some 15 booths lined up in the archway of the venue.  All of these booths including bloggers have to combat scourging heat.  I am glad that I did not wear blue because I would had look liked a haggard troll after just 30 minutes.

We were glad that water was offered upon entering and that there are also some food tasting.  If not for the water and Vitamin Boost we could have collapsed already.  It is not that I do not like the venue but having this event in an open area at the peak of the sun's heat is simply unbearable (for me at least).

Blogapalooza Venue

I would say that the best Blogapalooza venue for me so far is SMX Convention Center in SM Aura.  It was a very spacious space, air-conditioned and the setup was really great.  I am not saying that the venue at Novotel is bad, however it is not simply appropriate for a whole day event like Blogapalooza.

One Esplanade last year was also good.  I remember the first event where we all crammed inside Fully Booked in BGC.  The venue upstairs was so fully packed that there is very little space to move.  From there, the event evolved, became bigger and became better.

I am hoping that the venue next time and hopefully there will be will be a lot better.  A lot better to accommodate all the bloggers, create engaging events, make it possible for bloggers to connect with brands and for brands to enjoy the event.

Business to Blogger opportunity

If I remember correctly, the purpose of Blogapalooza is to connect and establish a relationship between bloggers and businesses.  Brands present their products to bloggers, so that in turn these online media practitioners will help them boost their brands.  For me, this event had accomplished that with flying colors.

Panel Discussion featuring Blogger Groups from Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao

It is just proper for brands to give something to bloggers during the event.  It would have been best if it would be sample of their products in which bloggers can review and write something about.  For me, the most successful in this area is still Blogapalooza 2014.  I still remember Chooks to Go and other brands giving a very engaging and entertaining moment to bloggers.  There was also that great tasting lechon.  We were all well fed that time... ah memories...

Here is one of the memories I would bring out of Blogapalooza Horizons 2.0 this year at Novotel Manila Araneta Center.

Fewer Sponsors?

I do not know if it is just me or is Blogapalooza sponsors dwindling throughout the years?  Is there a limited slots for sponsors?  I am just seeing that some of the previous sponsors are no longer part of Blogapalooza.  This year I think their major sponsor is ATC considering the number of their booths and the supplements we received during the event.

Having fewer sponsors is not bad though.  It could mean that previous brands had already got their rewards from joining previous Blogapalooza.  It is time for other brands to then experience the event and meet the blogging community.

Looking forward to the next Blogapalooza

I am very excited to see the next Blogapalooza event and support them.  There might be some negative feedback on this post but it is an objective view.  It is hard to organize an event of this magnitude specially looking for sponsors and the right venue.

What do I look forward to see in the next events?
  • Workshop sessions where bloggers can learn more on how to improve their craft.  Not just plenary discussion or session but something which we could learn too.
  • Food to eat and review.  Well, Filipinos just love food and it would be great if we could be fed as well like lunch and dinner and in turn we could blog about them.  There is an average of 500-700 bloggers attending each event and that is a lot... hoping that they do right.
  • Perks for qualified bloggers.  I am suggesting that bloggers who are really giving output, helping brands and are legit should be given more perks and privilege.  I have noticed throughout the years that there are some bloggers who just went to the event to collect loots and nothing more.
  • After party and socials.  Well, we also want to get to know each other somehow.  It is hard to really get acquainted when there are tons of bloggers... now that I said that what ever happened to the name tag?
  • Short info of brands on their booth (or an event catalog).  It would be great if each blogger registered will be given an event catalog where they can see brief info about the brands and their contact details.  This is a way for bloggers to know more about the brands and connect with them as well.
I am sure that other bloggers out there are also looking forward to something.  Do not be shy to comment them below.

Blogapalooza Horizons 2.0 Verdict

As an event I would give Blogapalooza Horizons 2.0 a rating of 3/5 stars.  It is a very good event, we learned a lot, we got to meet brands but again it could have been better.

Thanks to the team for organizing such a unique event which caters to Filipino bloggers.  Congratulations on your continued success!

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  1. I agree with your points. I was at Novotel at few minutes past 10am and was surprised that some of the booths were not yet done with the setup. My first Blogapalooza experience was 2014 as well not because of the number of sponsors and number of freebies I got to bring home but the sponsors back then had press kits prepared (to which I didn't know what to do with before).

    I left the venue at around noon because, even if I was dressed comfortably, my shirt was already wet with sweat. 😜

    Looking for next year's event though.

    1. The event was great overall except for this major issue. I have seen other bloggers left early as well. For us we decided to stay and after touring the booths we sit comfortably inside the air conditioned tent. Thanks for reading and for the comment.

  2. Agree, the one at SM Aura (which was also my first time joining) when it comes to venue and the sponsors are very well prepared at that time. I was surprised that there was no tag too. I was there since it started and most of the time I was inside the tent, and was not able to really stay that long in every booth cause of the heat. And hopefully not all booths would require bloggers to download apps. I tried to register with this one app but I was just getting an error, ended up not downloading it anymore.

    But then again, looking forward to the next Blogapalooza! :)