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Manila Food Review: The Penthouse 8737

Makati is the home to many things, it is the country's prime business district after all.  Did you know however that there is something hidden in this city?  A month ago, we manage to discover a rare restaurant which depicts and brings to life the mood of the 1930's Great Gatsby - THE PENTHOUSE 8737.

The Penthouse 8737 aims to become a neighborhood destination so that people may live their life and experience something memorable.  What you can immediately see in this restaurant is first its great style and exquisite furnishings plus the picturesque view of Makati Skyline.

I could safely say that this place can be an apt venue if you want to bring someone you love and show her how much you love her.  Aside from that, the place can accommodate small to medium-sized events.  It also has an adjacent ballroom hall, which can expand the area.

The Penthouse 8737 Food

We were invited here as part of our regular food review for Zomato together with fellow bloggers. I am expecting of course that food here will be priced higher considering the target clientele of this restaurant.

I will not discuss each and every food that we eat but I will personally tell you my favorites at The Penthouse 8737.

Steak and Sides.  I personally like this since I love steak plus the fries.  It is not that hard to cut the steak so I love it.  I also liked the sauce.

Pulled Pork Bun.  Although this is not the best Pulled Pork Bun in the Metro, I would say this is quite good.  The taste of the pork and the softness of the bun is really perfect.  I had no problem eating it.

Golden Crab Cakes.  God this was really delicious.  I just wish that I will all have this for me.  If you will be visiting them don't forget to order this one.

Mahi Kilawin.  I really love Kilawin but unfortunately I was not able to have a taste of it.  Judging from the way my fellow bloggers react I would say this is delicious.  I have one comment though it just seems that it is quite small in service.

Least favorites at Penthouse 8747

I would not say that they are not delicious but I am not simply very fond of them.

Italian Sausage and Prosciutto Flatbread.  I did not really feel the taste of this one.  I think that the bread is really pretty thin and the ingredients are not enough to create the taste intended.  I hope they improved this one.

Great Mac & Cheese.  I am a fan of a Mac and Cheese that is really very cheesy.  I don't know if it was because we ate it long after it was prepared or it was really a bit bland.  It dried pretty fast compared to other food of the same kind which I had tried before.

Drinks and Cocktails

Whenever there is a review for drinks and cocktails, I am always the first one to try it out.  However, during our review here we were just given like 2 glasses of each kind and we are to share it.  I am not a person who is keen at sharing glasses specially when we are not really close friends.  Anyway, here is what I love.

Yale. This is a mixture of Bombay Sapphire, champagne, lime and Lemon juice.

I also love their new cocktail which is more like a dessert combine with liquor.  It is something that is indeed new for me.

Dessert at Penthouse 8747

I know they have tons of dessert but we were given Cheesekae Ala Misch which is Blueberry Cheescake.  It is not very sweet as I expected so I would say that this one is ideal for person like me who are not very fond of too much sweetness in desserts.

Overall The Penthouse 8737 Rating

The Penthouse 8747 Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

I am giving a rating of 4/5 for The Penthouse 8737.  I think that they could improve their menu more.  The venue is already great and the music was also superb.  Looking forward to visit sometime again soon.

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