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Riding by Cassia Cassitas Book Review

How does a person with special need fulfill his ultimate dream?  This is the main question answered throughout this exciting and thrilling journey depicted in Cassia Cassitas' book "Riding."  The title itself depicts the very story and the very challenge that the characters of the story will take in order to achieve that dream.
Andre for me would be the main character in the story although Riding is told in the perspective of all three characters of the family.  How can someone like him, who was born incomplete in his body become a para-athlete.  The story would take you to places like Curitiba, Los Angeles, Seoul, Johannesburg, Soweto, Barcelona, Atlanta, Sydney, Athens, Beihing and London in a story that transcends years.

It is a recommended read for those who want to find out the tips and tricks on how to overcome life's cruelty and in the end overcome your limits and live your dream as what had happened to Andre.  His story like of of us involves some help from those people who truly believes in us.

Cassia Cassitas successfully developed various characters steadily and strongly.  She unfolds their backstory and brings them as someone very distinct.    Each character is in fact a part that someone of you out there can relate to.  Andre's deficiency can be related not only physically but in various other ways, and his story will be an eye opener to all of us like it has been to me.

Author Cassia Cassitas
You can order this book via Amazon.com on Kindle.  If you don't have Kindle don't worry because you can use the Kindle App on Google Play or a handy tool from Amazon.

Enjoy reading and enjoy Riding!

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