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Quick Guide to Affordable Philippine Hotels (Manila)

So you are looking for an affordable hotel in Manila.  This quick guide to affordable Philippine Hotels is based on inquiry and at some point personal experience as well.  The first tip on finding a good hotel is to always remember that what you see on the billboards and ads are not 100% accurate and second, hotels are more expensive from Friday to Sunday.


Let's have a quick roundup of some hotels in Manila:

1.  SOGO -Hotels.  This is by far the most popular hotel and also the cleanest and most convenient among your affordable hotels.  Do not look for Econo rooms however because they would always say that they are full.  Executive and Premiere rooms are only about P800+ for a 12-hour stay from Monday-Thursday and they go up by more than a thousand during weekends.

Sogo Hotels have one of the most exciting room designs including mirrors on the ceiling.  They also have a full cable channel which also includes personal and adult channel.  The cheapest rate you can get for Sogo Hotels is around P500+ although they do have an advertised rate of P195 which you will never ever find.

Hotel branches are well scattered in the Metro particularly along EDSA.  You can also see stores and other establishments carrying their name so by that alone you will know that a branch is nearby.

Chck out their website at www.hotelsogo.com/

2.  ASTROTEL.  These hotels which has about several branches in Metro Manila.  Initially this may not be that appealing at first on the outside but the inside is really superb.  The main concept of Astotel is a spaceship where personnel are dressed up like a space crew.  There are also themed rooms in some branches.

During weekdays (Monday-Thursday) you can avail of their 12-hour rate at just P375.  Be sure to be there as early as 7:00pm because this rooms are only limited up to 10 I think.  Check-in rates are doubled during weekends.

Rooms are also very spacious and clean.  They also offer free WiFi which is faster than what SOGO is offering.  To get that WiFi access however you need to ask where the modem is located so that you can have the best access point.

One tip, do not order beer because one beer is like more than a hundred pesos.

3.  GUESS Apartelle.  This is one of the small apartelle /motel located in Cubao.  It is clean and is ideal for those who want to save money.  They also have family rooms which an accommodate max number of 4 persons.  Overnight stay (12 hours) is at P420.  For those looking for short time then you can avail of their P200 3-hour rate.

4.  KABAYAN Hotel.  Kabayan Hotel is ideal for those who are conducting seminars and conferences in the Metro.  They have dormitory type rooms which an accommodate 4-6 persons.  A dormitory room per person average could fall from P1,000+ a day.  Kabayan main branches are in Cubao and Pasay City.

Check out their website at www.kabayanhotel.com.ph

5.  NICE Hotel.  This is probably the hotel which I do not highly recommend to anyone specially if the branch had been in existence for so long.  Some of their rooms have malfunctioning equipment like aircon, shower and television.  Plus, their actual room rates are way higher that their advertised rates.  Also do not buy their P390 12-hour rate always available advertisement because at some point you might end up mad because they would say that it is no longer available.

6. EUROTEL.  If you want to have a great experience with great room service then Eurotel is for you.  They are not as affordable as the other hotels but the ambiance and room quality is really commendable.  Rates ranges from P850 - P2,000 for a 12-hour stay depending on your room of choice.

Check Eurotel's website at www.eurotel-hotel.com

So there you go with some of the hotels that I have listed so far and I hope that this would be of help to your stay in Manila or for that need of a place to stay be it long time or short time.

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  1. I'm always pleased when a hotel manages to achieve a classic look, without the necessity of a heaviness that drags down the energy of the environment. 

    1. Classic is also very nice. Affordability + cleanliness is top consideration as well.

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