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Dunkin Donuts Premium Donuts

Dunkin Donuts had just offered a new line of donuts called, Dunkin Donuts "Premium Donuts."  Premium donuts are donuts which are prices higher and are more flavored than your usual donuts.  They had several toppings as well as fillings.

Some of these donuts might be too sweet for you and others might be too chocolatey but if there is one thing I would like to say is the fact that it tastes good and gives a whole lot of new experience.

These Dunkin Donuts Premium Donuts are priced around P50-P80.  I am also suggesting that you eat it together with a Dunkin Donuts hot choco.  I really love their hot choco among all the competing brands.

So what are you waiting for get a taste of the new Dunkin Donuts Premium Donuts and by the way this is not a paid nor sponsored post so this is definitely true as well.

Happy eating!

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