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Contact Lens Review (Vivian Sarabia Optical)

As a cosplayer, I now own four contact lenses and of them I have used two. I used the "cosplay green eyes" which I bought from a friend and the "Kratos eyes" which was sponsored by RusVenLand OnLine. It was time to test a brand from one of the very popular optometrist in the country whose family in fact pioneered optometry in the Philippines, Vivian Sarabia Optical.

Jan Vincent Ong introduced me to his mom's optical shop at SM North EDSA. I am greeted by polite and very welcoming staff. I then asked a bunch of questions including why we should prefer Vivian Sarabia Optical over those contact lens sellers we find in the sidewalks. Well, the main reason they say is the fact that all contact lens they are selling are BFAD approved and are safe. I can attest to that since I checked them and indeed they are.

Jan gave me the 2 + 2 option of the Sarabia Optical Contact lens. I chose blue, green, gray and honey. I then tried out the blue and it was perfect for me. I would perhaps be giving the blue to a friend cosplayer soon who cosplays Kisame Hoshikage of the Akatsuki. The honey color will be used for my Kratos cosplay and then the green of course when I return to being Kakuzu.

Wearing blue contact lens from Vivian Sarabia Optical

Here is a video and my initial comments and review of the colored contact lens from Vivian Sarabia Optical.

With all honesty I would say, that this one is far better than the previous ones that I have tried in terms of comfort to the eyes. I have tried wearing it for 17 hours and it was still very comfortable. 17 hours is the longest time I have worn a contact lens, all of the previous ones I used was up to 12 hours maximum.

So how much does Vivian Sarabia Optical contact lens cost?  Here are the prices...

NEW LOOK COLORED CONTACT LENS 30 days  (max 2 months for occasional use).  Color includes pearl gray, cool blue, aqua green, pretty brown, and sexy violet.
  • 1 pair with and w/o grade P300
  • 1 box consisting of 5 pairs P1,500
  • New look combo 1+1 (5pcs clear/ 1 pc choco brown per box) P1,500
FRESH LOOK COLORED CONTACT LENS 30 days (max 2 months for occasional use)
  • 1 pair without grade P1,450
  • 1 pair with grade P1,550
  • 2 + 1 w/o grade P2,700 (pure hazel, green, gray, blue, turquoise, tone sapphire, brown, amethyst)
  • 2 + 1 with grade P2,900 (pure hazel, green, gray, blue, turquoise, tone sapphire, brown, amethyst)
  • 2 +2 w/o grade P2,700 (honey, brilliant blue, gemstone green, sterling gray)
  • 2 +2 with grade P2,900 (honey, brilliant blue, gemstone green, sterling gray)
You can visit Vivian Sarabia Optical at any of their branches below:

  • SM City North EDSA
  • SM Megamall
  • SM Mall of Asia
  • SM City San Lazaro
  • SM City Cubao

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