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Cheap but Quality Watches from UniSilver Time

"Time is Gold," is perhaps one of the most common and oldest saying in the world and yet it gives the best lesson in life. The lesson that once time is lost you can never reclaim it nor turn it back or make amends for it. This is also the reason why people use watches and if you want a good watch that is both of good quality but affordable then why not try UniSilver Time. The good thing of this brand does not end on the affordability but also the chance to even earn from their website through their online auction.

So how to take advantage of this unique feature? You simply need to register at www.unisilvertime.com. Once you are registered you will be awarded with 100 points automatically. Points are required to place a bid and acquire a watch for a lower value than what is offered on the market or on their regular UniSilver Time watch.

To get the best price out of UniSilver Time all you have to do is simply join any item in auction and, if you're the highest bidder, you get that item at the price you last bid. This online bidding is only open to all members. You need enough rewards points for you to place a bid. So, login now to your account and start bidding now!

How would you earn points? Besides the automatic 100 points from registration, every successful friend referral gives the member additional 50 points. You can also post comments and questions on the product pictures in their collections which will also entitle a member points. One comment in our shoutbox will be equivalent to 1 point. If you want to get more points then that will come from buying items in the website’s online store. For every PhP1.00, there would be an equivalent 1 point for the member. If one will buy an item worth PhP1,000.00 the member will earn 1,000 points.

This could also be a good business, imagine if you can buy an item for only P500 which is worth P1,000 on the store. Then you could sell this at a lower price than the store price and still earn.

UniSilver Time truly innovates and supports the Filipino entrepreneurial spirit and capacity.

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