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MiLi Powering Up The New Generation: Get MiLiffied!

The most common problem of people nowadays is keeping their gadgets and mobile devices powered up. Usually a user will charge his device at home and then bring it to work, school, recreation or other places and then most of the time it will run out of battery. Some even suffer because they forgot to charge their devise and the place to charge it are expensive and far away. That is why MiLi is introduced.

MiLi is a power device which provides you with a power extension and additional life for your device. The MiLi Power Crystal for example is a portable external power bank for the iPhone, iPod series and most common mobile devices. All you have to do to use it is charge it on your laptop or even using direct current and then after that you are good to go.

MiLi devices are so small and non-bulky. These devices can fit anywhere. You can place it into your purse, tuck into your pocket, or even hang from a lanyard around your neck. It is one of the first technology to provide such convenience and solution to the most common problem of the new generation, low power.

The MiLi Power Crystal for example is a portable power bank for your iPhone, iPod Touch and other mobile phones and devises. The device comes with an assortment of various adapters to fir you and your friends gadget. All you have to do to use it is plug it into your computer, power it up and then you are good to go with an extra power for your devices. Wow! I am really impressed.

The amusing part does not end there for MiLi products, take a look at the MiLi Pico Projector which is the first ever projector in the world with a foldable design. Nobody imagined a foldable projector before but MiLi break the barriers and came out with this innovative design. The MiLi Pico Projector can project almost everything from images, videos, and files from any mobile or digital source, including DVD players and laptop computers. Plus, it is adaptable with various other devices because it comes with a built-in dock for your iPhone or iPod Touch and the good thing about this is that it is compatible with both PC and MAC computers.

Are you MiLiffied? If not then you better be because there is no innovation as cool for me as MiLi innovation, my number 1 “Mobile Power Solutions". For the first time I am truly, MiLiffied.

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