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Tuesday, November 1, 2016

The Horrors of Home Credit

Did you manage to get your brand new gadget through Home Credit?  How was it?  Are you satisfied with them?  Well, hundreds are surely satisfied at how their approval of credit is indeed ultra fast but wait until you experience how they collect payments?

Home Credit Fast Approval

You do not need to even wait for a long time.  As quick as 30 minutes you can get your favorite gadget through Home Credit.  This is the first time that getting a credit is as fast as it can be.  Although they still have strict standards nothing can defeat them in terms of speed of loan.

You will also get the item as good as cash.  Home Credit pays the item you want in cash and gives all the perks of the cash payment.  They also have flexible payment methods which extends up to 18 months.

Horrors of Home Credit

Now, you are paying on time and regularly.  So it seems you do not have a problem right?  Home Credit personnel will remind you about 4-7 days before your due date.  They will tell you to pay on time to avoid penalties.  I think that is definitely good and very thoughtful of them.  They will remind you via text, e-mail and even call.  They would remind you not only once or 2x a day but a couple of times a day.

Then, the horror begins, once you found your cash not enough to make a payment for the current month.  A customer service representative will call you and then of course you will talk nicely.  Generally, my friend told me that he would pay by the end of the month together with the next payment.  They would respond as if they did not hear what you said and would say that they would still call you until you have paid.

Home Credit would call you a dozen of times a day.  They will not only call you but even call all the contacts that you had given them, the same number of times they called you.  You can even expect calls at the wee hours of the evening and at the earliest time of the day.

Home Credit's Collection by Annoyance

"We collect by pestering you," this should be the proper tagline of Home Credit.  They would annoy you again and again until you have paid.  They would not listen to you nor your promise to pay.  Your phone will keep on ringing time and time again until you are fed up.

Have you experience the same horror of Home Credit like our friends did?  If so, tell us your story so that others would know.  Post it in the comment section.

I hope that this horror would just stop and they would respect people more.

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  1. Yes that is correct... I have experience this they even call all of the contact no. I include on the reference... Its so annoying... At higit sa lahat... Napahiya ako sa lahat ng kaibigan... Katrabaho... At kamaganak ko... Hinahatak nila pababa ang integridad mo bilang tao... Sobrang pahiyang pahiya ako... 1month lang akong hindi kanapag bayad pero ang kapalit nun... Yung pagkatao ko na ipinahiya nila... Sobrang nakakasama ng loob... Sa sobrang galit ko dahil sa pag papahiya nila sakin... Di ko sila binayaran... Yun after 3months of torture from homecredit... Tumigil din sila...

    1. It was indeed sad na parang ang kapalit ng pinahiram nila ay buong pagkatao mo. Hindi naman nakakahiya na may utang ka pero yung constant na pagtawag na halos 18 calls a day is totally unprofessional and beyond comprehension.

  2. It is illegal to call and text for collections. Only written ones are legal.

    1. Do you have a legal link or proof to this so that our readers will know? Thanks for your feedback.

  3. Sa totoo lang, nakaka-annoy talaga yung ilang beses kang tatawagan, ang ginagawa ko nalang at sina-suggest ko sa mga friends ko na nagloan sa Home Credit, mag advance sila ng payment ng atleast 1 month, para what ever happened the next month, secured ka na.

    That works well in me. Pero yung pinaka maganda jan, wag kang mangutang pag hindi mo kayang bayaran o wag tayong gumastos ng mas sobra pa sa kinikita naten kasi tayo ang mahihirapan.

    Sa ngayon, patapos na yung loan ko. Natatawa lang ako dun sa galit na galit dahil malaki daw ang interest, eh paano kikita yung company kung lahat ng mga pautang ay 0% interest? Hahahaha tapos hindi pa lahat nagbabayad.

    Siguro naman sa ngayon, inaayos na yan ng home credit, malaki mawawala sa kanila pag nagpatuloy pa ito.

  4. Hi David,

    I found this other thread. They haven't improved at all.

  5. This is true. My due date is every 18th of the month but they require me to pay every 15th. Now, they would call me like 5 times a day every 14th to REMIND me daw. That's minus the emails and text messages they are sending. Horrible experience talaga.

  6. I will never ever get a loan from them EVER AGAIN! I got sick and needs to be hospitalized kaya nagdue ung payment sa last hulog ko. . So di nila ko makontak kaya pineste ang buong pamilya ko.

    Super annoying!!! Never again!!!

  7. Hindi na ko uulit.. Very traumatic experience. Nag-cash loan ako sa kanila. Good payer naman ako so nung una tolerable pa yung pagtawag tawag nila sakin before due date since nakakabayad pa ko on time until we went on a rock bottom situation. Na-ospital Dad ko, two months siya sa ospital. Nawalan pa ko ng work so everything got worse na so what I did, tinawagan ko na sila nakipagenegotiate. Super generic lang naman sinagot nila, scripted. So okay lang naman yun sakin, ni request ko na bigyan ako ng extension until I get back to work, nakahanap din naman kasi ako ng new work kaso hindi pa kami agad pinagstart. so parang wala silang narinig. Naiinis ako pero kinalma ko pa rin sarili ko. They're asking na bayaran na ung kabuuhan ng balance ko, dun nako nangigil. Pineste na nga nila ako, tinawag-tawagan nila references ko kahit nakakausap at nakokontak pa nila ako. Nakakainis yung parang akala mo tatakbuhan ko sila. Nakaka-stress sobra!

  8. While this is true it only happened to me on the first 3 months of my contract. I diligently pay on time a few days before my due date. Now they only text me promos and discounts for new loans because my existing one is ending. Please pay your bills on time. Due date is the last day of payment.. ask them what's the best time to pay and let that be your due date. Discipline is the key, it's not just easy money.. it's a loan. Debts like this should be settled accordingly as to avoid inconvenience to yourself.

    PAY ON TIME. Earlier is better.

  9. Hnd na ba cla pumupunta sa barangay ng umutang? Dati kasi ganun pag hnd ka nkapgbayad


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